Industrial and Craft Skills

A consistently high quality is guaranteed for each product. The handling of all relevant materials, such as aluminium, cast iron or steel, is also one of our strengths. Another key strength is ensuring that our high-quality supply partners meet our quality standards 100%.

Quality Assurance

We combine the absolute control and installation of entire assemblies according to DIN EN ISO 9000:2015. In this way, LASO offers efficient workflow, of which a detailed documentation is available online, and ensures a precise standard of quality.

We adapt to the changing requirements of the modern vehicle and engine manufacturing, not only ensuring modern production and appropriate modern testing facilities, but guaranteeing high-quality products.

A separate department for quality assurance inspects quality consistency using the most modern measuring and testing facilities.

Efficient Solutions

High-quality manufacturing processes and products, which are consistently precisely manufactured, enable the highest of standards.

A diverse range of optimized components, geared toward a variety of vehicle types and models, poses no problem for LASO.

Perfect production process

We have the latest technology and the most current specialized knowledge. This forms the basis of perfect production. The tools and fixtures we produce, combined with auditing in accordance to ISO and an OE management ensure top results.

LASO belongs to the group of manufacturers known to meet the high demands of international markets. Our staff advises, oversees and handles different processes reliably.

Innovative CNC machining centres enable the handling of components positioned both vertically and horizontally without having to be re-clamped. The mastery of relevant technologies, analytical methods and testing devices joined with optimized quality management and specific measuring instruments facilitate high standards.